Technology that most of us use today allows us to create an abundance of interesting and creative content, and become creators rather than passive consumers. In the following posts, you will learn how to create sound stories, interactive stories, and other digital content children can use. However, the first step in this creative process is becoming familiar with the tools, that is – technology.

This is surprisingly easy, as you can see in the following tutorial which will show you how to edit sounds in a very simple and basic way. After learning these basic steps, we will be able to make more complex sound stories. It might be interesting to know that the process used in this activity is also used by famous bands, singers, etc. to record their songs and produce albums.

The following steps describe the process of making a ringtone by simple sound editing using the Audacity software.


  1. Choose the music you like and that you wish to turn into your ringtone.
  2. Although I strongly recommend using available and legal content, for the purposes of this educational exercise, we shall be using a composition of your choice. You can find the music that you want to work with on YouTube and download it as an MP3 or WAV format by using an online tool, such as this one.
  3. If you wish, download the program 4K Video downloader which you can install locally and use it for the same purpose, or to download/extract music from films.
  4. When you have acquired the song you wish to work on, download the free sound editing software AUDACITY.
  5. Install and run the software.
  6. Follow the simple instructions from the attached video.
  7. The sound clip should have “Fade in / Fade out” so that the music doesn’t start or end abruptly; it should also be at the acceptable loudness level, and should be up to 30 seconds long.
  8. Once you have finished the task, that is, your melody is done, transfer it to your mobile phone by using a cable or online tools. And – enjoy your new ringtone!
  9. Also, you can use these new made sounds to play a game: “Guess which film or song this melody is from.”.



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